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She loves her little sis

safe2173998 artist:petaltwinkle926 part of a set23664 princess celestia112684 princess luna117182 alicorn314066 pony1602151 g42028616 alternate hairstyle37909 apron5787 cake12875 cakelestia1332 chewing759 clothes634322 comic135415 cute265703 cutelestia4277 dialogue92969 drool34638 duo169788 duo female30908 eating13388 emanata2872 eye clipping through hair14679 eyebrows24612 eyebrows visible through hair11754 eyes closed138937 female1802318 filly97351 filly luna552 food101272 fork1268 glowing19128 glowing horn29130 head pat589 hidden eyes591 hoof hold12952 horn190289 lethal chef14 levitation16247 long horn1533 looking at each other34320 looking at someone15969 lunabetes4373 magic96612 magnetic hooves282 mare740811 nervous sweat583 onomatopoeia8276 open mouth237454 open smile31214 pink-mane celestia3126 ponytail27110 royal sisters6730 sibling love685 siblings21797 signature43976 simple background596122 sisterly love522 sisters17961 smiling397311 smiling at each other2602 spread wings94469 starry eyes5794 sweat40571 sweatdrop6841 talking10788 teary eyes6883 telekinesis39052 this will end in tears and/or breakfast64 wall of tags6638 white background161685 wingding eyes40262 wings222896 woona5670 you tried198 young celestia517 young luna321 younger22843


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