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Butler: GGASSSPPPP, was the phone decor NOT in theme with our new golden product line??! Why, OF COURSE! We need to expand our outreach with other forms of promotional merchandising if we are to keep Mane Melody from losing its solvency and liquidity!
Butler: Hmmmm…..you know what I think of your opinion, Miss Hooves?
I think you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!! Why let these newfangled devices let us be distracted from our work when we should be instead focused on improving and expanding our business ventures beyond this rural town?!
(Throws purple cellphone in the same trash bin)
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Background Pony #72C1
Yeah, pretty Jazz Hooves, I’d rather you didn’t render everypony’s phones into a deadbeat trash heap.
Background Pony #385E
Jazz:“Why can’t i tell her the truth?”
Me:“why did you agreed do this in a first place?