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Butler: For shame, Miss Jazz Hooves! This is HARDLY the time to be watching livestreams while at work! You have GOT to remain vigilant for any new customers entering into our establishment for their special hooficures!
Butler: HAHAHAHAH, such a very timid yellow-livered fellow! I honestly cannot fathom the rationality of these towns folk here who had voted him as Sheriff! May the warming sun of Celestia shine upon his soul…
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@Background Pony #552B

I know I’m being nitpicky on something that isn’t important, yet if I see some devices that are next to useless, and that a show’s technological timeline is as close as our own, I get a bit triggered TBH, and after all this gif of fans blowing isn’t that bad IMO, and yes it’s so noticeable.
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He should sue the establishment cause I would do the same if an employee takes my phone and then throws it out the window
Background Pony #552B
@Shimmering Spectacle
Maybe some rendering issue prevented the animators from letting the fan spin any faster? Perhaps because it’s kinda difficult to even see the fan blades in the first place, they assumed we wouldn’t notice? Those are just my best guesses…