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Royal Zephyr Heights Hangar

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Background Pony #2005
One could also say that “things got removed” because the pegasi decided to clean up the place so they could hopefully use it again, now that they’re no longer in complete isolation. You’ll even notice the stained glass window no longer has any broken pieces (except the central panel that remains completely empty).
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It’s funny to see that everyone remembered that this place exists 2 years later
but if you compare it to how it looked in the movie, you can see that they removed things, perhaps to speed up the final rendering
Background Pony #E230
I do find it amusing, since MYM seems to have an allergy to letters, how they changed the board at the back to be just numbers.
Numbers only is less likely to accidentally spell out something rude in some language somewhere. Yeah, you can use letters and take the time to check and make sure, but only if you have the time - not something that episodic animation productions generally have an abundance of. :)
Jonny Manz
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I am who I am
I do find it amusing, since MYM seems to have an allergy to letters, how they changed the board at the back to be just numbers.
Hey, better than leaving it blank
Also, the lighting is really nice - you can really tell how much it’s improved since Ch 1