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Created using Dall-e 3, available for free on Bing’s image generator here
Prompt (approx.):
My Little Pony, Twilight Sparkle gazing in wonder at the largest library she's ever seen, sparkly eyes, excited open smile, purple unicorn, deep blue hair with magenta streak, purple eyes, professional impressionist digital art style

safe2210332 ai content24065 ai generated22679 generator:bing image creator734 generator:dall-e 3828 prompter:hazy skies25 twilight sparkle362957 alicorn322553 pony1640805 g42064978 book44577 detailed background2758 happy45666 indoors9177 library4327 medium detailed16 open mouth245669 open smile34553 smiling411082 solo1455947 sparkly eyes1401 twilight sparkle (alicorn)151564 wingding eyes42127


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Background Pony #6057
@Hazy Skies
Yeah, it might have interpreted “sparkly eyes” as “the image should have eyes and sparkles in it”, so it added sparkles everywhere.