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Fire-horn Henchmare:
Let’s see—–I guess about––14 hours tops!
Fire-horn Henchmare:
YEAH! Why are we even keeping her in the castle anyway?? We don’t need her anymoredo we??
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Draconequues Lover zcord
hmm i think you do care, an interesting bit of characterization/depth on opaline. This scene implies that opaline might care about misty somewhat but is too naracisstic and prideful to ever change as a mother and its too late and abusive parents can care about the ones they abused
Background Pony #4FB9
Opaline wanted to go to Misty but something seemed to stop her.
Probably her pride and that she thinks that because she is evil, she should not love anyone.
Background Pony #158E
Well, that depends on how you define Misty’s rebirth life. Either that, or just pressure from upstairs several floors away.