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Zipp Storm: [narrating] Before we had magic, I was always crunching numbers trying to figure out exactly how Pegasi could fly again…
Inspector/Pilot Captain: [narrating] She was ALWAYS jottin’ down stuff on her notepad in the atrium during my custodian shifts! So I took whatever time I could spare to teach that lil’ peggy princess ‘bout all the high-school physics and engineering skills!
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Rice pone
@Background Pony #184A
The body language certainly can in the right contexts, but not naturally.
Took me time to warm up to them and accept/see the cuteness, but certainly didn’t come instinctively at first. They often require the right angle and dynamic motion. It’s relatively easy to throw off.
Part of the reason is in the facial feature details and proportions.
^ That’s not an opinion, that’s just how they are. Not saying G5 adult ponies can’t be cute (they absolutely can, even Alphabittle can be in TYT), but they don’t pull it off naturally. They do have ears and dynamic motion advantages over G4, but it’s not enough to compete.
Twilight or Fluttershy can just stand and talk with minimal movement or just strike a particular pose and cause the heart to explode. CMCs and some of the other foals can just stand still and look at something and cause the same reaction.
G5 fillies have that slight chubby cheek and big head aspects going for them, and their eyes are proportionally bigger compared to the adults. This also means that expressions come off more exaugurated, improving intent and cuteness factor.
Background Pony #739F
Little Zipp got kicked out of Ms. Frizzle’s class for being a little too enthusiastic and disruptive, much as Einstein failed classes for asking too many questions.