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Phew what a couple of weeks! So that’s what I worked for last days: 5 RD figurines that will be sold on PegaFest september 23’st in Moscow. This is first time I painted figurines with airbrush and I guess they’re went very well.
Amazing RD model made by Enteryourpnyname

safe2150904 artist:enteryourponyname68 artist:fluffyorbiter90 rainbow dash276890 pegasus486447 pony1578743 g42004214 3d print571 blue coat1212 butt226047 clothes623924 craft5863 cute262605 dashabetes12075 diy59 eyes closed136731 female1777304 figurine2216 floppy ears71741 fringe116 goggles18188 goggles on neck4 gradient background23691 gray background13854 high res405729 irl82774 mare726311 multicolored mane4241 photo95573 plot140486 push-ups134 solo1407100 underhoof67841 uniform16204 upside down7262 wing-ups73 wings216044 wonderbolts uniform7395


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