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September 7, 2023 at 11:23:33 AM UTC

safe2208520 artist:mirtash824 starlight glimmer60976 twilight sparkle362720 pony1638905 unicorn554997 g42063518 :p14712 :t4477 blushing281577 boop9487 bust79885 chest fluff68047 cute270878 duo183512 duo female35368 ear fluff53043 ears back4563 emanata3434 eye clipping through hair15801 eye contact7765 eyebrows26479 eyebrows visible through hair13013 female1842063 floppy ears74876 fluffy20133 frown37014 glimmerbetes4831 horn210061 looking at each other35864 looking at someone17904 mare765889 nose wrinkle4004 profile8721 scrunchy face8320 silly9027 silly pony3588 smiling410310 sparkles9717 tongue out150824 twiabetes15638 unicorn twilight35270


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Background Pony #926C
This cute picture is actually the end of a prank in which Starlight pretended to turn back to the old ways.