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Some people have noted that Hitch has been missing from my G5 animations. There. Happy?
See more at my Patreon! I just released the next big animation, over 3 minute music video with 33 fan-favorite mares in 25 scenes of hot pony action:

explicit472021 artist:haltie204 hitch trailblazer13923 misty brightdawn8620 pipp petals20985 sunny starscout21528 thunder flap728 zipp storm16938 earth pony446645 pegasus496848 pony1603270 unicorn538329 g575560 absurd file size3396 afterglow2026 aftermath394 ahegao34105 anatomically correct35744 animated126096 anus137576 asphyxiation2016 assisted blowjob303 audible creampie252 balls109746 bisexual6736 blood31445 blowjob41985 blushing274280 broken1021 bukkake3529 butt231359 clitoris41708 creampie45138 crossed legs4837 crotchboobs30448 crying55497 cum105498 cum everywhere1266 cum in mouth14526 cum on body4082 cum on butt2241 cum on crotchboobs157 cum on hair2582 cum on tail417 cum on tongue877 cum out nose1203 cum pool858 cum string2522 cumming32061 cunnilingus12484 dark genitals17270 deepthroat6803 defloration434 doggy style10270 dripping8022 dripping cum4913 evil laugh711 excessive cum4331 exhibitionism13377 eyebrows24679 face down ass up11457 facial10924 fainted88 female1803662 female orgasm1454 forced1634 from behind18509 gagging507 gangbang3145 grin63022 group sex20998 hitchbutt182 horn190930 horn penetration288 horngasm1058 horsecock99396 humiliation2779 intercrural sex1264 laughing11062 lesbian117708 licking27732 licking cock7509 lip sync50 male551115 messy2755 missionary position6823 misty brightdawn gets all the stallions3 mistybutt191 moaning9436 moaning in pleasure4972 mouth hold23759 music4582 nipples242692 nosebleed2993 nudity512982 one after another345 open mouth237728 oral65373 orgasm18405 pegasus royal guard1230 penetration88510 penis213580 plot144172 ponut64100 precum15059 premature ejaculation315 presenting34614 pride flag4059 prisbeam lantern91 progressive pride flag17 public2120 public humiliation654 public sex4703 public use2481 rainbow flag98 royal guard10896 sex171734 ship:dawnstorm43 shipping254263 sloppy76 sloppy blowjob89 sloppy seconds80 smiling397703 sound17017 squirting3754 stallion195815 straight179276 tail100913 teats11328 threesome14274 throat bulge4756 throat swabbing1323 tongue out147267 vaginal57519 vaginal creampie7653 vaginal secretions53295 virgin1024 voice acting1409 vomiting cum69 vulva190546 vulvar winking17940 wall of tags6657 webm25846 x-ray11091 zippbutt330


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Maybe it’s because I read the description before seeing the scene, but I found the scene completely hilarious.
The lead-up was excellent. The moment built right off off of him just instantly fainting with a nosebleed at getting a faceful of mareparts. Misty’s emotional flow from surprise into interest, into second-thinking that interest, into shock (and possibly disappointment) all hit good beats (no pun intended with the BGM element). Then the punchline itself was very well fleshed-out with the music slowing down and even having Hitch moan while getting off that hard from just a single touch. Then it wraps up by playing off of Misty’s shock, with her believably being snapped right back to business, given the situation. (Misty’s status of virginity plays well into her emotions in this scene also, if I may.)
I honestly think it was a fantastic example of bait-and-switch, and I don’t mind it at all in my zn0rp, especially since the rest of the animation went straight into highly satisfying territory.
I thought it was good spice to the story of the animation, and gave an excellent reason for the lantern to be broken (and thus letting us have that cute callback in the credits), which then explains why she didn’t have the lantern when the guards found her in a different alley section - upon hearing the guards, she didn’t have enough time to gather the pieces for convenient transport, so she just up and bolts. (A frivolous thing to explain away in the animation, I realize, but I enjoy that sort of thing much more than the jarring decision for objects to just randomly disappear, especially if the object held concrete importance.) In fact, I would even be willing to argue that it lead straight into Misty’s reaction upon the guards catching her, given the positive outcome of Hitch fainting, but then maybe I’m just grasping at straws for this one.
Based on the description, before reading the comments, I also honestly thought it was actual spite for the character - just executed in a fantastic way. This was / would’ve been an admirable way to elucidate a negative bias, since his part of the animation was approached with no less sincerity than any of the rest but simply given a jocular lens. Very tongue-in-cheek.
I could say a number of good things about the rest of the animation as well, such as finding Sunny’s exaggerated crying amusing, and loving the inclusion of Misty’s evil laugh, but I feel this portion specifically got bashed on a little too much and needed some advanced appreciation. If more stuff in this vein finds your fancy in the future, acting on it would be appreciated - at least by those of us who enjoy a little fluff and charm outside of the sex in our explicit animations, even when it’s somewhat backhanded.
Thanks for sharing another piece that clearly had a ton of effort put into it!
    (And my apologies for the thread-necro…)
Background Pony #483C
@Background Pony #483C
Oh, I only just now read the description “Some people have noted that Hitch has been missing from my G5 animations. There. Happy”
So, yeah, totally a spite thing.
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Smol Robot Filly
i love how zipp just appears out of nowhere, as if she can sense the sex
i wish the ending went on a little longer, i wanted to see misty cum (and maybe zipp cum extra hard from being magicked in)
Background Pony #BFAB
And I get that. But 7 months? Canary keeps his stuff Patreon-exclusive for about a week, and he’s doing pretty good for himself. By the time Haltie gets around to making his content public, it’s already been posted on every booru and their mother.
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Non-Fungible Trixie -

The constant screen flashes were REALLY annoying.
There is no way Hitch faints that easily. He’s literally surrounded by mares everyday.
Okay. Why does she cry like a actual baby?
I guess I’m not a fan because of that strange Hitch start, with him fainting and cumming from one touch… Idk, just strange. Maybe it’s made to jbait us into believing it would be hitch and misty action..
I just feel like we could’ve be great without that part. Maybe Haltie doesn’t like Hitch and that would be a reasonable explanation lol.
Great animation, didn’t like the bait and switch-y bit with hitch in the beginning (I guess the artist doesn’t like him?). Music felt a bit too loud and the constant flashing was really annoying.
Yes, exactly. All thouse complaints are actually pretty valid IMHO. I basically agree with all of them. Haltie has made one of my favourite animations, but I would say this one won’t be one of them. sorry.
The baby cry is very disturbing, instant boner killer.