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safe2154858 artist:luminousdazzle404 misty brightdawn8293 opaline arcana3084 alicorn310200 pony1582830 unicorn529048 g573308 afro puffs77 blurry background2298 bridlewood582 coat markings12841 countershading533 crepuscular rays4759 crying54968 crystal4114 cute263291 duo164610 duo female29641 female1781654 filly96249 filly misty brightdawn204 first meeting20 foal42917 focused119 forest15294 freckles43008 gradient hooves1248 gradient horn307 grass15022 hair tie1645 horn179332 imminent foalnapping1 looking at someone15008 lost270 mare728582 outdoors20748 sad31144 sadorable1605 sitting90785 socks (coat markings)7740 teary eyes6743 tree48315 younger22631


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Background Pony #65ED
This is exactly the issue. As I said, our job is to warn them, whether they don’t like it and don’t follow it, or whether they do follow it. Sometimes others do things to get attention which are not right because they just want attention. They do not know that the attention given to them in this situation is not love, and even on the contrary, they may become more lonely.
In my opinion, the opaline Reforms really makes the animation beautiful
Background Pony #65ED
Misty is not a bad pony, she wants good things for everything, even Opaline. Opaline may have been really mean to her, but Misty isn’t. If so, what is the difference with Opaline?
Background Pony #65ED
never mind . Everyone has the ability to change and being narcissistic and bad is not the reason why we don’t warn her and say she can’t. Even if she can’t, it is our duty to inform her of her mistake and leave her free to decide which one is right. We in the world should invite each other to good deeds even if it doesn’t work.
Background Pony #65ED
Should it show directly? This was not the case for the villains of the 4th generation, but they were corrected. This is what Sonny and her friends will do.
They said they don’t hate anyone and everyone can do it, so Opaline can too. As the final season approaches, this will happen. Also, we had Opaline’s past (whether it was a lie or the truth), anyway, it was her past, but it was not complete. Also, if Opaline wants to find other dragons, she will be in great danger and will need help.
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sTs trinity
poor misty, her being this young means she doesn’t have a choice to make, which is so sad for a kid(filly) who is vulnerable without a selfless and caring parent or guardian, and opaline is not any of the traits that I mentioned.
Background Pony #8547
Yeah I think opaline arcana only took her in as a minion, just like Judge Claude Frollo took Quasimodo in as a minion after he had killed Quasimodo’s mother at the beginning of Disney’s the hunchback of Notre Dame.
Background Pony #65ED
Oh.. so cute. I hope I Sunny and his friends make a great life for Opaline and make her understand that friendship is the best thing.
Background Pony #9458
And this is the part when evil Opaline let this filly die alone in the forest. Oh no wait she actually took her to a home and accommodate her the best she could.