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The second has Twilight Sparkle and Celestia turning into rubber versions of each other
And while Twilight seems excited
Celestia can’t help but be a bit annoyed by how long it’s taking.

suggestive193531 edit176915 editor:anonymous144 princess celestia114493 twilight sparkle363041 alicorn322739 pony1641174 g42065568 /mlp/ latex requests103 annoyed7386 awkward1211 awkward smile400 big crown thingy3216 blushing282050 bodysuit3858 bondage47486 bound2591 bound wings4952 brown background1543 celestia is not amused758 clothes650843 crown31066 cutie mark accessory854 cutie mark on clothes6166 duo184715 duo female35798 element of magic3625 encasement2518 ethereal mane14090 female1844970 females only17210 fetish58683 frown37074 gradient background27454 holding hooves2580 impatient130 implied princess luna802 jewelry117997 latex19515 latex fetish216 latex suit7076 liquid latex293 magic98702 mare767758 mask10429 masking405 multicolored mane5526 nose wrinkle4013 pink tail1422 ponysuit1616 purple coat1176 purple eyes6606 regalia38038 rubber3375 rubber suit1285 shiny4287 show accurate27322 smiling411324 sparkles9767 standing27009 sweat42035 tail110534 twilight sparkle (alicorn)151600 unamused24647 white coat1747 willing139 wings233756


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Background Pony #9CBB
Twilight: “oh gosh, it’s happening…! What if…oh, but it feels…”
Celestia: “ugh, hurry up, I don’t have all day here”