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Getting my ideas out in writing form intimidates the heck out of me beecausze im trash at conveying accurate renditions of the shiz that whirls round in my head. Tonights feature is my updated and reviewed design for twilight in my headcanon :D (Big Grin)
Height: Twilight is 11.2Hands high at the start of the series, by the end of season nine she has reached her final height of 12.2Hands high. So its only a growth of four inches (There are 4 Inches in a Hand) and as such she doesnt become ‘Celestia-fied’ like she does in the series.
  • Twilight was very unspectacular on the outside but has always had great magical potential. Queen Celestia herself took notice of the magical essense simmering away within her.
  • Twilight was born to Night light Sparkle and Twilight Velvet Sparkle, who lived a pretty cushy life style in canterlot.
  • While they werent ‘Elites’, they where indeed well bred members of society with a great family name. Velvet and Nightlight often attended high tea and other prestigious events within canterlot. Nightlight was a Head lecturer at Canterlot Magic School prior to having Shining Armor. After a good career within the education sector he retired to commit fully to his wife and future family.
  • Velvet came from an upper class family and never really had to work for her money. She encountered Nightlight at a gala and at first overlooked the stallion but after a few continued chance encounters they ended up chatting.
  • Twilight was always pushed by her father and mother to prioritise her education above all else, which undoubtably fueled her social anxiety and aloof nature.
  • Twi was closest to her father, often reading and going over theories with him for funsies.
  • Twilight is a Biological Unicorn granted artificial Alicorn status by Queen Celestia.
  • While Twilight is very powerful, she is not and will never be as powerful or physically large as either Celestia or Luna. This is because the process of being granted Alicorn-hood, only mimics true alicorn biology and doesnt actually turn them into bilogical Alicorns. It does however enhance their magical capacity.
  • Celestia and luna aknowledged that they needed another ruler, due to Lunas loss of immortality (More on this coming soon!) but they knew that no matter how powerful the individual was they would never be respected as much as an Alicorn like themselves would be. This is the same reason they granted Cadence wings, as they not only have to be socially and magically adept they must also ‘Look’ the part.
  • Twilight never succeeds Celestia or luna as ruler of equestria and instead exists seperatley as the Princess of friendship, you could however say she is the Ruler of Ponyville. She did briefly reside within canterlot after her ascension where she was assigned her own royal body guard Commander Tempest.
  • Twilight often has nightmares about her acsension process as it was quite unpleasant and knocked her off her hooves for week or two.
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Honestly, that was a pretty interesting alternate history synopsis. I love reading about alternate scenarios where Twilight doesn’t end up becoming the ruler of all Equestria, even if she was given that privilege by Celestia. I would think that would have been the preferable outcome for FiM, since she could have spent more time with her friends that way while also continuing her mission to spread friendship across Equestria and into the lands beyond Equestria. I would love to see more theories like that in the future.
Also, Luna losing her immortality would certainly make for a pretty interesting story in and of itself. I would love to see that elaborated on, as it could definitely impact the workings of Equestria in a number of ways that would, in and of itself, make for a really fun read.
Finally, the drawing for Twilight is just too adorable to ignore. It is certainly more horse-like, but at the same time it keeps her expressiveness intact. The oversized cutie mark is a nice inclusion as well.
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Would pet and brush. And give ear scratches. And that belly is inviting for rubs too.