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deviantart description:
EDIT ;; forgot to mention sterling and gold lily are sisters !
EDIT 2 ;; added celestia and luna’s parents !!
celestia and luna headcanons woohoo !! you may also notice those two other alicorns under them , i’ll get to them in a bit :]
ultimately celestia and luna are rather the same , just gave them designs to make them fit my style 😌 but i did change their hair a bit , loosely based off some concept art that depicted cloud-like fluff at the ends of their hair , making their hair look MORE like skies ,,, so i gave celestias hair a bit more “ sunny sky “ vibes ,,,, luna’s hair is just darker - also added some moons and shooting stars in it to add variety :]
now ! onto the princesses under them ,,, those two are princess sterling and princess gold lily , who ive decided to headcanon as celestia and lunas cousins ! princess sterling is the princess of the stars and dreams ( unlike luna where she walks through them , sterling can conjure them up and give them to their respective ponies - a dream maker , basically ) and princess gold lily is the princess of nature and flowers :] i originally wanted princess sterling to have something to do with the crystal empire ( hence her name ) buttt i had already done something with the crystal empire so i decided against it </3
i also wanted to add my celestia and luna ngs here with them , but the picture was already super big + i had already spent a super long time on this ,,,, maybe later 😅

safe2153454 artist:shebasoda60 princess celestia111795 princess gold lily84 princess luna116260 princess sterling67 oc935969 oc only679605 oc:king titan3 oc:queen aurelia2 alicorn309924 pony1581366 g42006522 alicorn oc36143 armor30791 blue eyes12127 body markings1073 body scar22 closed mouth1303 coat markings12809 colored eyelashes1314 colored pupils13118 colored wings13666 concave belly3438 countershading525 crown29401 ear piercing42652 earring31931 ethereal hair489 ethereal mane13154 ethereal tail2017 eye scar5978 eyeshadow29212 facial markings5731 facial scar623 father and child2613 father and daughter3938 female1780199 flower38656 flower in hair12293 flying54147 frown35488 golden eyes493 gradient horn302 gradient legs377 gradient mane2500 gradient tail1055 gradient wings1742 group7657 hoof shoes9364 horn178504 horn jewelry962 horn ring7562 jewelry110639 leg scar40 lidded eyes46752 long horn1306 long legs916 long mane6550 long tail4866 looking back84902 looking down14345 makeup39299 male542734 male alicorn383 male alicorn oc171 mare727643 mother and child5856 mother and daughter8222 mother and son4258 multicolored wings5341 neck scar3 nose scar13 pale belly2968 peytral7165 piercing62602 princess shoes1016 purple eyes5692 regalia35707 ring6626 scar16220 sextet380 shooting star1348 simple background585176 slender5053 smiling389483 socks (coat markings)7719 solo1409112 sparkly mane1134 sparkly tail595 spread wings91807 stallion191615 star (coat marking)700 starry mane6994 starry tail912 tail95650 tall1216 teal eyes541 thin7888 transparent background281010 wing armor218 wings216666 yellow eyes3858


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