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deviantart description:
anddd here they all are !! heartache and her evil daughters 🩷
had a lot of fun making them all ,,,, now i gotta do mv of nightmare twi + hcs for daybreaker and nightmare moon :,] then ill have them all completed !!
art ; shebasoda
characters ; princess cadance, flurry heart, princess skyla
ocs ; princess crystal heart
bases ; shebasoda

safe2152706 artist:shebasoda60 princess cadance39501 princess flurry heart9441 princess skyla457 oc935411 oc:princess crystal heart7 alicorn309734 pony1580598 g42005107 blue sclera122 body markings1072 coat markings12784 colored eartips335 colored eyelashes1312 colored pupils13115 colored sclera985 colored wings13639 crown29366 cyan eyes454 ethereal mane13141 ethereal tail2017 evil3836 eyeshadow29172 facial markings5713 female1779093 flying54113 frown35458 gradient eyes161 gradient legs376 gradient mane2495 gradient tail1053 gradient wings1740 group7651 hair bun5232 helmet15608 hoof shoes9349 jewelry110537 lidded eyes46697 looking at you254093 looking down14329 makeup39248 mare727163 mother and child5847 mother and daughter8218 next generation6455 nightmare cadance122 nightmarified878 offspring49834 older38647 older flurry heart2779 older princess skyla3 pale belly2959 parent:princess cadance2165 parent:shining armor1895 parents:shiningcadance1233 peytral7154 pink eyes1851 quartet1282 regalia35666 siblings21130 simple background584797 sisters17537 slit pupils7411 smiling389186 smiling at you23640 socks (coat markings)7704 sparkly mane1132 sparkly tail593 sparkly wings400 spread wings91712 tail95426 transparent background280911 wings216434 yellow sclera270


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