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FINALLY after 4 days straight of work i finished this monster
I wanted to remind everyone that my specialty before ponies was infact dragons
I hope you all like this it won’t be happening again for a while
time to recharge for another 6 years lol
this is a follow up to my last final fantasy 14 heavensward painting



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AI "Art" is theft
That powerful emotion is what inspired me to work on this
When I draw a dragon and its like me going all out i sort of block everything out and just let myself go ham
I did this for four days straight
Despite how tired my hand is i am proud of how it came out
I used to do massive dragon pencil drawings where I drew every scale one at a time with a mechanical pencil
It was incredibly time consuming but I learned a few things
The repetative motion if used correctly can be calming and almost addicting
However it will consume my mind for a long period of time
So I don’t draw them often
This one despite being digital was no different because I was able to utilize every skill i have for texture work
Was it fun? Absolutely
Can I do it again? Not for a long long time
Gotta recharge