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safe2154831 artist:bobthedalek1079 dj pon-332959 octavia melody27406 vinyl scratch32959 earth pony438091 pony1582808 unicorn529039 g42007341 bowtie14651 chair11626 crossed legs4726 dialogue91104 duo164608 female1781627 hoof hold12675 lamp3826 mare728558 mute149 mute vinyl40 newspaper2032 offscreen character51290 phone12258 simple background585746 sitting90782 vinyl's glasses632 white background157694


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And..BobtheDalek is back at it again, with his adorable ponies.
Apologies for the slightly longer than normal absence. Always take a couple of weeks out after the yearly ATG ends, but this year got caught with a major head cold in the second week.
Normal service should hopefully resume now.
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With Bob’s artstyle, that almost looks like a life-sized Vinyl Scratch plushie. Better check to make sure there is a heartbeat, Octavia.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Sunny Starscout fan
And..BobtheDalek is back at it again, with his adorable ponies. I wonder what is going on with Vinyl here. Is she lost in the middle of a song?