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safe2173788 screencap295676 argyle starshine398 sunny starscout21481 earth pony446083 pony1601952 cutie blossom bash248 g575345 my little pony: make your mark10974 my little pony: make your mark chapter 51673 official12433 spoiler:g532630 spoiler:my little pony: make your mark chapter 51662 spoiler:mymc05e01246 cute265672 father and child2733 father and daughter4035 female1802121 filly97338 filly sunny starscout470 food101264 glasses88659 high res407794 it all takes time17 jewelry112988 lemon541 lemonade stand57 lyrics1366 male550510 necklace32327 pitcher103 smiling397241 stallion195598 sunnybetes1837 text89543 younger22841


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I thought there were no cutie marks in the G5 movie, did Sunny and Argyle loose their marks between this and the start of the G5 movie?
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I wonder how argyle would react if he was around during the series, especially the beginning.
Sunny: “U-unicorn!”
Argyle: “That’s some poofy hair”
Background Pony #6400
@Background Pony #0E3C
Yeah, must’ve been really wholesome to Argyle’s credibility, apart from Sunny’s past fillyhood. Thank hoofness they haven’t truly forgotten about him though. Best underrated pony father in G5, period!
Background Pony #870B
One question: how was ponies getting their cutie marks in G5 before the return of magic?