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Size: 1631x2240 | Tagged: safe, artist:lrusu, apple bloom, applejack, rainbow dash, earth pony, pegasus, pony, g4, blushing, female, filly, foal, lesbian, mare, ship:appledash, shipping, speech bubble, sweat, sweatdrop
Size: 812x821 | Tagged: safe, artist:cutesykill, applejack, rainbow dash, twilight sparkle, earth pony, pegasus, pony, unicorn, g4, abstract background, butt, dot eyebrows, emanata, female, hatless, japanese, looking at you, mare, missing accessory, open mouth, plot, profile, raised hoof, speech bubble, stars, sweat, sweatdrop, translated in the comments, trio, trio female, unicorn twilight, wings
Size: 1536x2006 | Tagged: safe, artist:sharpycharot, applejack, fluttershy, pinkie pie, rainbow dash, rarity, twilight sparkle, butterfly, earth pony, human, pegasus, pony, g4, ;d, alternate hairstyle, apple, applejack's hat, bandaid, beanbrows, blush lines, blushing, chibi, clothes, cloud, colored eyelashes, cowboy hat, ear piercing, earring, ears back, eyebrows, eyeshadow, female, folded wings, food, glasses, group, hat, horn, horned humanization, humanized, implied flutterdash, implied lesbian, implied rarijack, implied shipping, jewelry, lidded eyes, makeup, mane six, mare, nail polish, necktie, one eye closed, open mouth, open smile, piercing, pleated skirt, pony coloring, ring, round glasses, sextet, short hair, short hair fluttershy, short hair twilight, simple background, skirt, slit pupils, smiling, sparkles, speech, speech bubble, spread wings, sprinkles, sprinkles in hair, sweat, sweatdrop, sweatdrops, sweater, sweater vest, talking, tank top, text, white background, wings, wink
Size: 2500x2500 | Tagged: safe, artist:ro_zius, fluttershy, rainbow dash, pegasus, pony, g4, cardboard cutout, dialogue, duo, female, floppy ears, frown, high res, manga, mare, neon genesis evangelion, no pupils, otakushy, ranma 1/2, revolutionary girl utena, simple background, speech bubble, sweat, sweatdrop, weeaboo, white background, wingless
Size: 1917x2048 | Tagged: safe, artist:jack0ran, fluttershy, rainbow dash, twilight sparkle, alicorn, pegasus, anthro, g4, bandaid, bandaid on nose, blushing, book, clothes, cute, dashabetes, female, food, glasses, heart, one eye closed, pictogram, ponytail, rainbow, scarf, shyabetes, smiling, speech bubble, stars, strawberry, sweat, sweatdrop, trio, twiabetes, twilight sparkle (alicorn), wink
Size: 1536x2000 | Tagged: safe, artist:sharpycharot, fluttershy, rainbow dash, pegasus, pony, equestria girls, g4, alternate hairstyle, apron, arm band, basketball, blue blush, blush sticker, blushing, cheering, chest fluff, chibi, clothes, cloud, cloven hooves, colored ear fluff, colored eyebrows, colored hooves, cutie mark on clothes, dialogue, ear fluff, ear piercing, earring, eyebrow piercing, eyes closed, female, floating wings, flower, flower in hair, folded wings, heart, hoodie, huff, jacket, jewelry, jumping, knee blush, lesbian, looking at each other, looking at someone, mare, mohawk, multicolored hair, narrowed eyes, on a cloud, open mouth, open smile, pants, partially open wings, piercing, pink hair, pink mane, pink tail, rainbow dash is not amused, rainbow hair, raised hoof, ship:flutterdash, shipping, shirt, shoes, short hair, shorts, shoulder blush, signature, sitting, sitting on a cloud, small wings, smiling, socks, speech bubble, sports, sports shorts, standing, sweat, sweatdrop, sweater vest, tail, talking, tallerdash, tallershy, tank top, text, thinking, unamused, undershirt, unshorn fetlocks, wall of tags, watering can, wings
Size: 1280x960 | Tagged: safe, artist:plushieevibes, fluttershy, rainbow dash, oc, oc:dragonfly (plushieevibes), pegasus, pony, g4, bruised, cheek fluff, chest fluff, coat markings, colored hooves, colored wings, colt, dialogue, ears back, female, foal, folded wings, freckles, freckleshy, hair bun, handkerchief, leg fluff, lesbian, lidded eyes, lightly watermarked, lying down, magenta eyes, magical lesbian spawn, male, mare, mother and child, mother and son, mothers gonna mother, multicolored wings, offspring, pale belly, parent:fluttershy, parent:rainbow dash, parents:flutterdash, partially open wings, pegasus oc, ponytail, ship:flutterdash, shipping, socks (coat markings), speech, speech bubble, spread wings, standing, sweat, sweatdrop, talking, text, tongue out, towel, watermark, wings, yelling
Size: 1538x2048 | Tagged: safe, artist:lrusu, applejack, rainbow dash, earth pony, pegasus, pony, comic:good night applejack (irusu), g4, comic, duo, eye clipping through hair, eyebrows, eyebrows visible through hair, laughing, pinpoint eyes, startled, sweat, tired
Size: 800x450 | Tagged: safe, screencap, pipp petals, pegasus, pony, bridlewood spog, g5, my little pony: tell your tale, spoiler:g5, spoiler:my little pony: tell your tale, spoiler:tyts01e43, abstract background, animated, cellphone, female, gif, headband, mare, nervous, phone, pinpoint eyes, smiling, solo, sparkles, stars, sweat, sweatdrop, worried, youtube link
Size: 800x450 | Tagged: safe, screencap, pipp petals, sunny starscout, earth pony, pegasus, pony, g5, my little pony: tell your tale, pippsqueaks forever, spoiler:g5, spoiler:my little pony: tell your tale, spoiler:tyts01e28, abstract background, animated, beard, drama queen pipp, facial hair, female, gif, grin, headband, mane stripe sunny, mare, mirror, nervous, nervous smile, pinpoint eyes, rainbow colors, screaming, shocked, smiling, surprised, sweat, sweatdrop, youtube link
Size: 4092x2893 | Tagged: safe, artist:candy meow, applejack, fluttershy, pinkie pie, rainbow dash, rarity, twilight sparkle, alicorn, earth pony, pegasus, pony, unicorn, g4, abstract background, alternate hairstyle, angry, applejack's hat, colored sketch, cowboy hat, crazy face, derp, expressions, facial expressions, faic, female, hat, magic, mane six, mare, scene interpretation, severeshy, sketch, sweat, sweatdrop
Size: 2048x1423 | Tagged: safe, artist:lrusu, fluttershy, twilight sparkle, alicorn, pegasus, pony, g4, blush lines, blush sticker, blushing, chest fluff, duo, ear blush, eyes closed, female, folded wings, kissing, lesbian, mare, ship:twishy, shipping, simple background, spread wings, surprise kiss, surprised, sweat, sweatdrop, sweatdrops, twilight sparkle (alicorn), white background, wings
Size: 1487x2048 | Tagged: safe, artist:lrusu, discord, fluttershy, draconequus, pegasus, pony, comic:fluttercord (irusu), g4, ..., blushing, clueless, comic, dialogue, eyes closed, female, floppy ears, implied lesbian, implied shipping, implied twishy, male, misspelling, misunderstanding, nervous sweat, question mark, ship:discoshy, shipping, smiling, speech bubble, straight, sweat