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safe2155123 artist:sharpycharot23 applejack198827 fluttershy256160 pinkie pie253714 rainbow dash277409 rarity215908 twilight sparkle354814 butterfly9612 earth pony438199 human240893 pegasus488269 pony1583114 g42007514 ;d22 alternate hairstyle37259 apple20988 applejack's hat14084 bandaid3111 beanbrows1063 blush lines665 blushing269101 chibi18178 clothes625902 cloud42593 colored eyelashes1320 cowboy hat25218 ear piercing42728 earring31979 ears back4028 eyebrows23410 eyeshadow29288 female1781961 folded wings18935 food100019 glasses87318 group7680 hat122734 horn179495 horned humanization7991 humanized118173 implied flutterdash274 implied lesbian4678 implied rarijack550 implied shipping7037 jewelry110812 lidded eyes46838 makeup39392 mane six37335 mare728759 nail polish11433 necktie11038 one eye closed45043 open mouth233279 open smile29493 piercing62699 pleated skirt4487 pony coloring3202 ring6645 round glasses942 sextet380 short hair3224 short hair fluttershy9 short hair twilight1 simple background585901 skirt54647 slit pupils7433 smiling390193 sparkles8708 speech3667 speech bubble38188 spread wings92051 sprinkles578 sprinkles in hair9 sweat39870 sweatdrop6695 sweatdrops2028 sweater19330 sweater vest590 talking10512 tank top10726 text87927 white background157740 wings217225 wink32532


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