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safe2154576 artist:sharpycharot23 applejack198791 fluttershy256105 pinkie pie253640 rainbow dash277338 rarity215867 twilight sparkle354723 butterfly9607 earth pony437997 human240771 pegasus488034 pony1582548 g42007257 ;d22 alternate hairstyle37248 apple20983 applejack's hat14074 bandaid3108 beanbrows1063 blush lines663 blushing268971 chibi18176 clothes625700 cloud42577 colored eyelashes1315 cowboy hat25207 ear piercing42696 earring31962 ears back4020 eyebrows23364 eyeshadow29261 female1781325 folded wings18899 food99982 glasses87295 group7670 hat122702 horn179108 horned humanization7990 humanized118150 implied flutterdash274 implied lesbian4675 implied rarijack550 implied shipping7031 jewelry110768 lidded eyes46792 makeup39357 mane six37325 mare728357 nail polish11426 necktie11032 one eye closed45017 open mouth233120 open smile29439 piercing62658 pleated skirt4486 pony coloring3202 ring6640 round glasses941 sextet379 short hair3218 short hair fluttershy9 short hair twilight1 simple background585635 skirt54622 slit pupils7426 smiling389972 sparkles8702 speech3667 speech bubble38148 spread wings91956 sprinkles578 sprinkles in hair9 sweat39834 sweatdrop6673 sweatdrops2028 sweater19325 sweater vest590 talking10509 tank top10724 text87881 white background157658 wings217018 wink32520


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