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safe2155130 artist:butchidiot5 artist:fizzmitz40 applejack198828 fluttershy256162 pinkie pie253714 rainbow dash277410 rarity215909 starlight glimmer59367 sunset shimmer78438 twilight sparkle354815 earth pony438199 pegasus488273 pony1583121 unicorn529164 g42007524 alternate hairstyle37259 beanie4837 breaking bad302 clothes625904 cosplay32802 costume38798 crossover72665 emoshy519 female1781964 frown35603 glasses87318 glowing18433 glowing horn28735 group7680 gus fring19 hat122734 heisenberg49 horn179497 jane margolis3 jesse pinkman52 kim wexler5 lesbian116532 magic95578 mike ehrmantraut7 one eye closed45044 saul goodman26 simple background585904 skyler white4 smiling390196 text87927 walter white116 white background157740 wink32532


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Twilight as Walter White…when Walter White pony canonically exists in Friendship is Magic…
I wonder how that pony would react to seeing Twilight dressing up like him.