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Cold Storm page 132

safe2151766 artist:cold-blooded-twilight3385 nightmare moon20207 pinkie pie253360 princess celestia111736 alicorn309554 earth pony436753 pony1579704 comic:cold storm158 g42004651 blood31032 comic133958 crown29350 dialogue90891 evil grin6339 fangs39116 female1778212 glowing18341 glowing eyes15140 grin61878 hug37121 jewelry110448 lidded eyes46653 looking at you253848 mare726726 mood whiplash191 nosebleed2944 open mouth232474 open smile29160 panting3774 regalia35648 smiling388851 speech bubble38021 sweat39709


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seriously we are 132 pages in and we havent started the first pinkie party and you has so much material to work with the 7 or so seasons of gen 4 MLP now i can see this being about 1000+ pagesif it goes on to the full series and this ne with have so much more sexual stuff in it
Background Pony #AE2D
@Background Pony #37B8
Pinkie and Celestia are the only ponies that can keep up with Twi in this AU. Pinkie is actually hornier, to a degree that even this version of Twi is frightened of her.

This isn’t an alternate take on Pinkie Pie. This is the exact same Pinkie Pie from the canon show, and she’s just excited to see her friend Twilight again.