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December 18, 2020 at 2:13:48 PM UTC
Comm: Moon Visit
Cmc is having fun!

safe2173489 artist:liaaqila1419 apple bloom59994 scootaloo58736 sweetie belle56712 earth pony445954 pegasus496145 pony1601689 unicorn537600 g42027533 :p14381 adorabloom3877 campfire1562 cannon1154 cartoon physics1101 commission117219 cute265611 cutealoo3926 cutie mark crusaders22366 diasweetes3737 eye clipping through hair14654 female1801811 filly97321 fire15860 foal44131 glowing19107 glowing horn29120 happy44491 high res407759 horn190053 how258 licking27698 licking lips5660 magic96585 moon31397 moon cheese4 pyromancy191 signature43944 sitting92286 space6557 spacesuit1675 sweetie belle's magic brings a great big smile246 to the moon372 tongue out147071 traditional art143026 trio26095 trio female5576


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Background Pony #2529
I guess Belle have to hold her breath and take off her helmet to eat that marshmallow
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@Digital Seapony  
Her horn is also lit up though, while holding the stick in her hoof, and she is quite proficient with magic for her age, so it unfortunately(?) makes more sense than the average case of “burning in a vacuum” (note the greenish glow around the fire).
also she made an edible looking pie by the ending of Sisterhooves Social, which was S2, and she only learned how to control basic magic in S4
Digital Seapony
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Book Horse Best Horse
Given the lack of oxygen, lighting a fire on the surface of the Moon shouldn’t even be possible.
Then again, when it comes to preparing food, Sweetie Belle has a way of burning things that shouldn’t be able to burn.