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A Jessi-ka Story - New Comic!

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Rarity & Apple jack

safe2153456 artist:petaltwinkle881 applejack198719 rarity215772 earth pony437519 pony1581367 unicorn528307 g42006522 blushing268775 duo164186 female1780200 floating heart6012 glitter mane9 glitter tail1 glowing18381 glowing horn28703 heart74565 horn178504 lesbian116447 mare727643 one eye closed44990 ship:rarijack8200 shipping251119 signature42602


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Background Pony #2689
Rarity: 💭 I’m so pretty, even Applejack is admiring me~
Applejack: 💭 Why the hay is she not looking where she’s going? She’s about to walk into nettles!