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safe2150900 artist:nekubi1004 applejack198561 earth pony436350 pony1578737 g42004209 angry36186 bipedal48563 cross-popping veins2691 emanata2525 female1777302 gap teeth245 gun20464 hay stalk183 japanese10048 mare726309 open mouth232295 shotgun1884 simple background583931 solo1407097 speech bubble37990 straw in mouth1473 tooth gap324 translated in the comments3476 weapon40664 white background157027


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The verb 荒らす can mean either “damage” or “break into”.
She’s using contractions, so you have some parts mixed up. For example, ただじゃおかねぇ is ただではおかない in normal writing. オラんとこの is likewise 俺らのところの. I’d translate it as:
“The next time you break into our orchard, you won’t get away with it!”
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(probably in response to the second flim flam ep) “after once again putting all that “oomph” into ruining our farm, i should just let it go?!!”
nekubila (ねくびぁ, you can’t just skip small vowels ぁぃぅぇぉ, he’s also known as tetugakuzonbi - philosophical zombie) - i tried to make aj’s character look stronger, it went in an incomprehensible direction
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hopelessly sad filly
Something about “farm got abandoned/destroyed/fell into disarray.”  
That’s all I can infer from the Kanji (I read Chinese, but not Japanese).