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Uploaded by Background Pony #B624
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pedanticat asked:
Some Hitch x Pip please XD. Maybe pip taking a selfie as she show her fans her awesome boyfriend with Itch being a flustered mess?
I loved this idea and I ran with it djfjs
(Also fake ig live screenshots are hard,)

safe2150830 artist:artsbysmarty7 hitch trailblazer13492 pipp petals20365 earth pony436329 pegasus486423 pony1578697 g572600 cheek kiss3080 dialogue90837 female1777247 hoof hold12643 kissing32055 looking at you253624 looking back84669 male541677 mare726284 one eye closed44913 open mouth232292 open smile29091 question mark6583 selfie4871 ship:pitch247 shipping250721 sitting90492 smiling388506 smiling at you23517 speech bubble37990 stallion191067 straight176075 wink32473 winking at you3219


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