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“Cake Defense”
I headcanon that a dreamcatcher to Luna has the same effects a cross would on a vampire.
(I told you I’d make up for the dry wasteland of my canonical content.)

safe2155377 artist:chopsticks739 princess celestia111880 princess luna116313 alicorn310315 pony1583317 g42008176 angry36287 cake12765 cakelestia1323 cheek fluff9227 chest fluff64010 concave belly3677 crown29447 dialogue91170 dreamcatcher232 duo164704 duo female29672 ethereal mane13167 ethereal tail2020 female1782162 floppy ears71964 food100040 glowing18445 glowing horn28742 gritted teeth19121 height difference2161 hissing551 hoof shoes9394 horn179648 jewelry110831 jumping4545 looking at each other33573 looking at someone15037 magic95597 mare728860 peytral7186 plate2703 princess shoes1028 raised hoof68540 regalia35763 royal sisters6581 sibling rivalry209 siblings21240 sisters17602 spread wings92099 tail96164 teeth21127 telekinesis38602 text87959 that pony sure does love cakes92 threatening515 unshorn fetlocks45245 wings217351 yelling4257


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