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the original version of another aggie doodle
the sfw version (the one for twitter) is at >>3123323
honestly this pixelated binary brush is pretty addicting lol

suggestive191593 artist:pinkberry250 fluttershy259957 pegasus501756 pony1615347 g42042555 adventure in the comments1346 binary brush14 binary pen24 browser history15 colored sketch4714 doodle4734 fetish57559 flutterzoo565 implied bestiality362 implied zoophilia13 internet history11 interspecies32185 sketch83568 solo1435790 text90446 tired4494


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may or may not have tried the skirt thing once when i was little
yeah it seemed like a cool dog whistle, but it’s written in like Nordic runes so there’s basically no chance of anyone randomly being able to read it
Background Pony #67A6
Ah, well I learned something today. Though I’d say that that, like the pawprint, would still be an “If you know, you know” thing. So you might get noticed by some people, but probably no reason to hide it in general.
It’s kind of like wearing a skirt without panties. Someone might notice, but it can just be your little naughty secret. The idea of someone suspecting something is the draw. ;)
Background Pony #67A6
Now I feel like the one who’s not in the know, since I wouldn’t know what “zeta” is supposed to mean. So you’d be able to get by me! At least as far as that goes.
Background Pony #6154
Well, if it’s just a pawprint, most people probably wouldn’t think twice about it.
On the other side of the coin, as someone who knows what those can be indicative of, any time I see one I wonder if it’s for that reason.
Background Pony #67A6
Well, if it’s just a pawprint, most people probably wouldn’t think twice about it. It would be easy to come up with an innocent explanation for it.