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some more personality swaps from tumblr

safe2188562 artist:chub-wub746 applejack201735 rainbow dash281839 earth pony510529 pegasus503130 pony1618200 g42044609 alternate cutie mark2775 alternate hairstyle38364 applebutt6929 bedroom eyes82862 butt234013 cowboy hat26208 duo174663 female1818512 flustered777 grin63587 hat125617 headphones10648 helmet16000 lasso1534 lesbian118464 mouth hold23923 personality swap299 plot145891 role reversal1825 rope16041 safety vest71 ship:appledash7933 shipping256170 sitting93611 smiling402419


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Background Pony #E53C
This is great, I don’t think a personality swap is necessary for AJ to fluster Rainbow though. Fantastic art regardless.
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