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Artist’s comment:
It’s always funny to me when I doodle ponies while watching a TV show and it’s something super serious…like Breaking Bad lol

safe2209834 artist:doodledonutart416 applejack203352 fluttershy262589 pinkie pie259672 rainbow dash284123 rarity220505 twilight sparkle362891 earth pony520319 pegasus512911 pony1640318 unicorn555672 g42064588 applejack's hat15229 behaving like a dog1739 big grin309 book44565 cowboy hat26781 cross-eyed1277 cucumber575 doodle4864 female1843591 floppy ears74938 food103867 frightened403 grin64619 hair pulling1213 hat127710 levitation16553 library card44 magic98640 mane six37988 mare766948 open mouth245555 pinpoint eyes1629 simple background615461 sketch84686 sketch dump4149 sleeping29892 smiling410840 telekinesis39944 that pony sure does love books1375 tongue out150972 unicorn twilight35340 white background168388 windswept mane3759


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