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As mentioned, I really don’t see the problem with Twilight being a princess in general (which a lot of people seem to have a problem with).
The main problem I have is the build-up to it. If it was built-up throughout the series to at least hint or give off the idea (especially in that episode) that Twilight was much more than she seemed, then becoming a princess would make sense and probably have a lot less complaints. I’m still fine with the idea, but the build-up could’ve been better, like Hasbro had it rushed it through.
…which leads to my response here. The big difference between Twilight and your named characters is that, with all the named characters, it was pretty much obvious to anyone that paid attention that they would eventually become who they are and that the stuff before was all a journey to reaching that point. They didn’t just become who they were like with the snap of the fingers or overnight. They actually had development (or at least obvious signs like Sailor MOON as the MOON Princess) in becoming who they were, and even then, still had (several) journeys after because they still had things to learn, much like how I hope they do with Twilight in Season 4.

When Luke Skywalker became a Jedi Knight, Sailor Moon was revealed to be Princess Serenity (and later, Neo-Queen Serenity), Amuro Ray became one the most powerful Newtypes, etc., did any of the fanbases complain?
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I doubt you even know what a Mary Sue even is. IF she was a Mary Sue, she would be outright perfect in everything and everything would be happier with her around. She still has problems, she still makes mistakes, she is a three-dimensional character. You cannot, and I mean, CANNOT just call her a Mary Sue without giving your reasons and explaining them. Therefore, DO. YOUR. RESEARCH!

Where the hell can I get THAT Optimus Prime? Looks WAY more detailed then normal toys, except when they’re either customs or Masterpiece.
Also, for the record, Optimus ALWAYS gets an upgrade at some point. The jetpack is a norm. Pretty much ALWAYS expect Prime to die and come back with some upgrade.