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safe2153468 artist:fishfish3 applejack198721 fluttershy255998 pinkie pie253550 rainbow dash277218 rarity215776 twilight sparkle354573 human240632 g42006531 belly button108452 clothes625278 daisy dukes1743 dress60954 evening gloves10760 fingerless gloves6605 gloves29560 horn178504 horned humanization7988 humanized118090 line-up1279 mane six37308 off shoulder1660 off shoulder sweater207 pixiv14452 skirt54590 socks93883 sweater19314 sweatershy3606 tailed humanization3413 winged humanization10029


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Background Pony #B0C9
So many awesome humanizations.
And yet Hasbro went with the most bugly creations for their Monster High rip-off.