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safe2175345 artist:malachimoet129 sunny starscout21540 twilight sparkle357952 alicorn314657 earth pony446716 pony1603460 g42030203 g575589 backwards ballcap1223 bag9626 baseball cap2974 braid9920 braided ponytail748 butt231386 cap6736 clothes634966 crossover73145 duo170452 duo female30987 ethan3 ethan (pokemon)21 female1803872 generational ponidox477 hat124326 looking at someone16036 magic96697 mare741707 outfit1782 plot144179 pokemon gold4 pokemon silver3 poké ball771 pokémon11071 pokémon battle21 pokémon trainer211 ponytail27160 raised hoof69999 red (pokémon)41 reference to another series166 saddle bag8237 sunny and her heroine373 sunny's bag130 telekinesis39087 twilight sparkle (alicorn)149491


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Background Pony #7DC1
Sunny: Oh My god, I will face Idol.. this will be epic, Calm Sunny, You can do!
Twilight: Are you ready Little girl, how many pokemon you have with you?
Sunny: 6 but one is KO because a cheap shot from the Team Rocket Princess!
Twilight: Hmm, I see. Here take this, heal your pokemon and face me with all your Pokemon against My pokemon, My Espeon want a worthy battle!
Sunny: Oh I have a eevee, but he not evolved yet.. and is him who is KO!
Twilight: … I see, ones you Fish to heal your team we battle, plus my Charizard worthy battle too, All my pokemon, all who face me, only 1% of all foe have me Worthy foe and won against me, the rest have all lost.. are you sure you and your team are ready?
Sunny: Yes!(she say with determination)
Twilight: Good, well battle!
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It’s a 5v6 fight where both sides only have Ponyta and Rapidash.
(tfw there is no pegasus Pokémon)
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