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My MLP G5 Map Theory
This is my first time uploading a post onto Derpibooru so please forgive me if I did this wrong
forgive me for my terrible drawing, I used a map of Equestria as well as some other stuff I found, including a concept art of Maretime Bay as well as another map found on- [[Image1]] [[Image2]] [Image3]( ( I forgot exactly, I think a childrens book (correct me if i’m wrong.)
With the new found info from Equestria Daily, I think I might have figured out where the precise locations are for the new areas. (
I’m gonna go one area at a time, then get into a bit of a summary.
with Maretime Bay, they said they moved over to the coast overtime. The closest to a coast I can get too is the undiscovered west, possibly cutting down trees and such to build their city/town. and I’m sorry, but I’m gonna be using some possible climate changes that might’ve made some other cliffs and possible splits within Equestria due to lack of magic (JUST A GUESS HERE.) I’ll get into that more later, anyway. They gained their technological skills on top of their building skills as they built Maretime Bay, as well as forming their own society and such, that’s obvious. but the location seemed to be on the left side of the map when I looked at the smaller new map. When also looking at the Maretime Bay concept art, it is possible this is still somewhat a true fact, but the map is flipped to the right on its side. (though maybe since it’s a concept art, it could be flipped correctly.)
Bridlewood (taken from the Equestria daily page) is an evolution of everfree forest. and if i remember correctly (again, correct me if i’m wrong) if untouched, it could grow out of control. meaning it could spread over the old Ponyville before or during the earth ponies moving. I’d estimate that it grew at least 3 or so times its original size, and the unicorns moved in there. their magic maybe came from the forest itself during the earlier times, but lost it due to it weakening overtime. the crystal ordeal? I am still unsure of how the crystals got into the forest. but hopefully that will be answered soon. Maybe some borrowed magic from the crystal empire could be the answer. I do remember in the first issue of the new MLP G5 comics, they went through a forest and found Canterlot.
The everfree forest and Canterlot are indeed very close to each other, so it’s likely possible it can be devoured by the everfree forest all those years, hence why it looks like it’s on the ground and no longer on the mountain it was mounted on. I do also believe that maybe there are certain parts of this forest that are untouched by unicorn, and doesn’t look as purple-ish and shiny as the rest of the forest does.
as for Zephyr Heights, they may have not taken over canterlot, but are definitely close to it. There’s the foal mountain (it’s hard to read the version of the map I’m using so I’m guessing it’s called that-) close by canterlot, as well as cloudsdale. it is possible that once cloudsdale fell, they moved themselves onto that mountain, since I am unsure how tall the mountain is right now. maybe the mountain of canterlot molded with the foal mountain overtime as well, and they not only took their own technology, but maybe some of canterlots style and other stuff as well to upgrade and advance it into the state it is now.
now for a “short” summary about everything else. There are a lot of other areas we are still unsure of, like if there are new areas, and where the other old areas are. I do believe there can be new areas either grown/built into place by other ponies, or completely taken over and changed like bridlewood was. There could ALSO be a possible split in the state of Equestria that split the other half away from this side, it could definitely happen over a thousand years-. don’t know exactly how or why, but i am still going to throw it out there.
That’s my theory for now for the new found information. I have YET to read the 55 pages on the pdf, I mainly read this in the small copypasta. Once I do, I will update this post. if I can––
And before ANY of you say “ohh this is just for the movie”, if the series takes place in the SAME UNIVERSE as the movie ANG, THEN IT IS CANON. UNTIL DE-CANONIZED, IT IS CANON. I am honestly proud of this theory and feel like it’s the best info we have so far. You can leave all your thoughts and ideas however in the comments/below this post, would love to hear them.
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