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My entry for this year’s community collab

safe2171667 artist:frownfactory1042 oc946075 oc:stratagem29 pegasus495331 pony1599786 2023 community collab773 derpibooru community collaboration6184 .svg available10716 blue mane3734 blue tail1182 male549771 pegasus oc35617 purple eyes5987 simple background594660 solo1423878 stallion195215 svg5252 tail100048 tail wrap8306 transparent background283966 vector89824 wings222200


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Frown Factory
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The name?
Well, in-character Stratagem’s talents lie in being a strategist; so, following the talking names style the show uses for many of its characters I thought it was kind of fitting.
iRL I had just finished playing the Baldur’s Gate Trilogy mod with the Sword Coast Stratagems mod, and I kinda liked the ring of the word Stratagem, so I used that. Also, it made it easier to come up with a cutie mark design, as I could just slap a gem on his flank and call it a day ;)
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