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I need to draw more stallions xD

safe2175322 artist:chub-wub741 alphabittle blossomforth1490 big macintosh33619 braeburn6953 bulk biceps3862 cheese sandwich4749 doctor whooves11795 double diamond1905 flash magnus1002 hitch trailblazer13928 king sombra17136 party favor1717 quibble pants1704 rockhoof1360 roid rage339 sandbar6828 shining armor28089 snails5785 snips4616 soarin'17737 sprout cloverleaf2530 star swirl the bearded2344 stygian1001 sunburst8826 time turner11795 trouble shoes1351 zephyr breeze3000 earth pony446713 pegasus496930 pony1603446 unicorn538420 g42030192 g575589 beard5673 braid9920 bust77841 clothes634957 colt20498 cowboy hat25755 facial hair10185 foal44246 food101360 glasses88772 grin63027 hat124325 lots of characters51 male551190 necktie11311 shirt40470 simple background596819 smiling397759 stallion195845 white background161992 wizard hat1261


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A waste of biomatter
I love something like this because I could just imagine popping this down on a table and have kids try to guess or ascertain their personalities from their designs.
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