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Original description:
Whats wrong Dashie?

safe2208318 artist:pabbley2802 rainbow dash284007 pegasus512089 pony1638671 g42063379 angry37281 burger2765 burger king113 burger king crown20 burger mare1 cute270836 dashabetes12588 eye clipping through hair15791 eyebrows26465 eyebrows visible through hair13002 female1841725 food103780 frown37006 high res409910 madorable1123 mare765681 meat2783 paper crown136 partially open wings2632 ponies eating meat1287 rainbow dash is not amused1046 solo1454025 unamused24601 wings232892


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Background Pony #5D56
Pony looks like she is about to throw hooves you better give her the bigger one
Background Pony #5B4C
Rainbow: “What in the buck is this? I was promised a big burger! Yet this burger wouldn’t even be big enough for a Breezie!”
@Background Pony #CB84
Many large herbivores (horses, cattle, moose, etc.) will snack on a small bird or rodent from time to time, because there’re some nutrients every animal needs that simply cannot be gotten through a strict plant-only diet. Even people who choose to be vegan need nutritional supplements to make up for what plants lack.