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safe1971387 artist:harwick293 princess cadance36720 shining armor25871 alicorn274381 fish3251 pony1323089 unicorn446261 armor27647 beautiful6914 cottagecore700 crepuscular rays3934 duo117574 female1603014 forest12809 husband and wife1869 leaves2831 male459739 mare618166 reflection4073 royal guard armor1118 scenery9296 scenery porn980 shiningcadance3103 shipping229725 slim2240 smiling331130 stallion150076 sternocleidomastoid601 straight159548 tree41425 water18837 wet9951 wet mane5892


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Errr… nope. Very wrong my friend.
He did put it back on in “Twilight’s kingdom”, during the Equestria Games, in “Sparkle’s Seven” and “The Beginning of the End”, but wore nothing in every other episode except for formal events like his own wedding and Twi’s coronation where he wore the mlp version of the British Household Cavalry dress tunic/ a copy of Prince William’s wedding outfit^^
Besides, we’ve never seen him wear a regular guard’s armor in the show which implies he’s still just a grunt and not an officer/captain in this image.
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True but his armour in the show was a special design/color to signal his high rank. (also because he’s a main character and needs to stand out :p)
The regular soldier armour could hint at this being a picture from earlier in their relationship, when he was a regular soldier and got assigned to be her bodyguard or something. But in the absence of the artist saying anything, that’s all headcanon.

I’ll leave the tag, but I doubt this is a “husband and wife” image. Prince consort Shining Armor probably wouldn’t be walking around in guard armor.
It seems having alicorn magic running through a body that’s part earth pony gives you a good stat boost against environmental effects.