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safe1708344 artist:moe41 pinkie pie216383 princess luna99200 alicorn224816 earth pony249450 pony969445 g41477 16:103 beret1964 bipedal34669 celestial mechanics24 creek48 cute200096 diapinkes9894 duo61520 duo female10952 easel363 featured image879 female1364879 first alicorn picture on derpibooru1 first luna picture on derpibooru1 first pinkie pie picture on derpibooru1 flower25688 flying38215 forest10190 frown22926 grass9705 hat86997 luna is not amused466 lunabetes3552 magic73358 mare481601 moon23492 moon work115 mountain5123 one of the first10 open mouth146222 paint1913 paintbrush1651 painter37 painting3597 palette191 pointing4052 river1964 s1 luna7286 scenery8043 scenery porn847 signature24880 sitting63366 spread wings54799 sweet dreams fuel1600 tree32291 unamused16254 valley157 wallpaper18631


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Background Pony #72CF
When you feel nostalgic for something that wasn't part of your childhood, it's not nostalgia for the item in question, but instead for that joyous bliss of being a child. But that's my opinion, I could be wrong.