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Uploaded on Sunday, November 27, 2022
Derpibooru 2023 Community Collab submission #17 belongs to EthanRosca, of his hippogriffs Wishgriff and Bottlegriff 😁
Hope you like it ☺️
Based on >>2218096. Ironically, >>2776669 (last year’s submission for them) was based off that screenshot pose entirely 😮😁
safe1991383 artist:lincolnbrewsterfan557 derpibooru exclusive35227 oc847224 oc only621454 oc:bottlegriff15 oc:wishgriff21 classical hippogriff6026 genie1737 hippogriff12377 2023 community collab772 derpibooru community collaboration5452 my little pony: the movie20711 student counsel1354 .svg available9638 anklet1301 brooch648 brother and sister5773 duo123443 ear fins102 female1622056 folded wings13463 gem8666 gemstones306 hand on shoulder550 headband4765 hippogriff oc953 holding on86 inkscape2295 jewelry93103 leaning4621 leaning forward562 looking at you221094 male467751 movie accurate1637 necklace26359 not silverstream16 not terramar8 pearl necklace1959 raised leg10158 ring5391 sibling love589 siblings15937 simple background510668 smiling337196 smiling at you14891 standing18615 svg4384 tail69401 talons1511 transparent background251173 two toned mane4177 two toned tail1914 vector84624 wings179304


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