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Uploaded on Saturday, November 26, 2022
I love this windigo so much. Both her and Parcly <3
Said that two years ago on >>1392052… dream came true tonight 😌🥰
Late night upload for one of my favorite artists - 2023 Collaboration submission #14 is for the one and only Parcly Taxel! This artist was one of the first I discovered upon joining the fandom in 2015, so it is a blessing and honor doing this vector for her after so long. 🥳😌
Drawn all base free except for Parcly’s cutie mark; colors referenced from >>1392052 and >>2516990
So many odd clip workarounds, especially with the added movie style highlights… 😞
Well, Derpi Dot had it last collaboration; guess it was Spindle’s place this round. 😁
Goodnight guys 😊😴💤 and thank you for all your inspiration these past seven years Parcly, I won’t forget it 🥺💖😌
First ever movie style Windigo? ^w^
safe1993589 artist:lincolnbrewsterfan561 derpibooru exclusive35289 oc848306 oc only622147 oc:parcly taxel479 oc:spindle97 alicorn278594 genie1737 genie pony465 horse3989 pony1346310 windigo732 2023 community collab774 ain't never had friends like us338 albumin flask299 derpibooru community collaboration5454 my little pony: the movie20721 .svg available9660 20151049 2022657 alicorn oc33407 bedroom eyes73733 best friends775 coat markings9491 cuddling9751 embrace698 facial markings4084 female1623841 flask446 floating5063 geniefied259 gift art3422 glowing13377 glowing eyes13861 glowing mane651 hoof around neck332 hoof on shoulder190 horn120763 horn ring6840 hug33988 inkscape2306 inspired by another artist64 lidded eyes40031 mare629565 motivational description8 movie accurate1644 no base51 purple eyes4158 ring5405 simple background511546 snuggling7053 special34 star (coat marking)457 svg4395 transparent background251446 transparent flesh604 two toned coat242 two toned mane4190 vector84679 windigo oc110 wings179753


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