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safe2175735 artist:adagiostring229 sunny starscout21550 twilight sparkle358026 alicorn314749 pony1604024 g42030508 g575625 alicornified7516 artificial horn683 artificial wings3049 augmented4311 chest fluff65618 cloud43282 couple7880 crossover73159 cute265956 duo170611 duo female31004 female1804301 grin63040 high res407886 horn191232 looking at each other34377 looking at someone16050 magic96707 magic horn607 magic wings1500 mare742015 meeting256 open mouth237846 race swap21690 smiling397863 stars23432 sunny and her heroine373 sunnycorn1887 twilight sparkle (alicorn)149522 wings223337 ych example5693 your character here18261


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Sunny Starscout fan
This looks so incredible! Sunny looks so adorable with her smile, and her wings and horn look amazing as well. I wonder what Twilight must think of seeing an Alicorn with non-permanent wings and horn…
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