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Super quick Tavi sketch I drew (and colored) a little while ago, latex ver

suggestive185484 alternate version81414 artist:qlop100 octavia melody27102 earth pony423635 pony1479989 g41930941 ahegao32669 bedroom eyes79226 black mane1048 black tail322 blushing261772 clothes611926 collar46055 dialogue88982 dizzy1010 earpiece183 evening gloves10545 female1740462 femsub13663 floppy ears70408 flustered696 gloves29102 glowing cutie mark581 gray coat945 heart71919 hypno eyes1002 hypnogear409 hypnosis5235 hypnotized2573 innuendo1648 kaa eyes1372 latex17913 latex gloves2617 latex stockings752 long gloves8910 looking forward539 mare703760 open mouth225593 open smile26519 purple background5495 simple background569520 smiling377217 solo1382501 speech bubble36828 stockings46278 submissive22492 tail89298 thigh highs55985 tongue out141537


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Background Pony #3479
Everything’s better with latex <3
Everything’s better with hypnosis <3
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