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“No offense, Bonnie, but I think you’re starting to let yourself go.” Lyra teased as she felt her Bon Bon’s chubby figure pressing onto her own hefty mass.

I let myself go?” Bon Bon giggled as she reached down and gently shook her girlfriend’s bloated gut. “You literally just ate enough food to feed a family of four.”

But Lyra simply chuckled back. “I’m just saying. It’ll be pretty funny if we end up having to switch places, huh? I mean, I am gonna have to stop gaining weight sooner or later.”

“Not if I have anything to do about it,” Bon Bon smiled eagerly as she raised a double cheeseburger towards Lyra’s chubby face, dripping with cheese and grease. “Now open up!”
Bon Bon - 268 lbs
Lyra - 878 lbs

suggestive190725 artist:neongothic367 bon bon18799 lyra heartstrings34099 sweetie drops18799 human245461 equestria girls255848 g42028894 bbw5711 belly43737 big belly19732 big breasts125719 bingo wings4207 bon blob76 breasts391020 burger2700 busty lyra heartstrings1260 cheeseburger175 chubby cheeks5530 double chin2695 fat28963 fat ass575 fat boobs1379 fat fetish3184 feeder bon bon82 female1802694 fetish57090 food101294 hamburger821 huge belly8512 impossibly large belly14752 lard-ra heartstrings245 lesbian117652 lyra feedee93 morbidly obese10496 obese15425 rolls of fat2831 ship:lyrabon4042 shipping254156 smiling397429 ssbbw2369 thighs28329 thunder thighs16368 weight gain5687


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Background Pony #9B7F
Fetish awakened. Lyra might hit a peak weight at some point, but Bon Bon is going to make sure she never loses another pound ever again.
Background Pony #1BDC
I wonder if Curly and Wiz Kid are this fat. Neon said we’d see them eventually. If they have double chins as well, people like Timber are going to look weird because of how skinny they are. It seems about 85% of the characters weigh at least 200 pounds.
Background Pony #1BDC
Even Bon Bon has a double chin now. Seems like obesity and morbid obesity are becoming the new skinny and average. Most people have a double chin now.