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suggestive191676 artist:mhdrawin54 princess celestia113237 princess luna117692 alicorn316996 anthro362546 g42043267 bedroom eyes82759 big breasts127079 black and white17667 blushing276799 breasts394358 busty princess celestia13899 busty princess luna9908 chubby17403 cleavage47125 clothes640085 dialogue94610 duo174053 duo female32150 female1816810 grayscale49499 huge breasts58862 impossibly large breasts23746 looking at you262164 mare750393 monochrome175715 plump8836 royal sisters6811 siblings22400 simple background603295 sisters18357 sweat41034 talking to viewer6004 thighs28675 thunder thighs16590 toga350 white background164634 wide hips30897


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I guess since there’s no indication or tag that says she’s drunk in this, I guess Celestia is just this thirsty…