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Selfie (2/2)
I don’t usually draw in this style but I had the idea in my head and wanted to do it quickly, hope it looks good!

suggestive193335 artist:nire278 sunset shimmer80367 human253949 equestria girls260269 g42063548 blushing281585 bra22324 bracelet16296 breasts400449 busty sunset shimmer8440 cellphone8240 choker22188 clothes649680 couch12857 curvy10301 ear piercing45708 earring33992 extra thicc1379 eyeshadow31792 female1842184 freckles45702 jewelry117632 lips2219 lipstick17264 makeup42486 nail polish12000 pajamas challenge19 panties65016 peppered bacon386 phone12783 piercing66381 selfie5092 shirt42272 simple background614715 skindentation616 smartphone5502 smiling410342 smirk18548 socks97957 solo1454284 spiked wristband2147 stupid sexy sunset shimmer1703 sweat41913 thick6300 thigh highs61807 thighs29336 thunder thighs17057 tight clothing3919 underwear80455 wide hips31676 wristband5542 zettai ryouiki2302


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I didn’t know it was called the pajama challenge until I saw the tag on this pic.
I’ve just seen TikToc videos like this where the background music is a short tune ending with the lyrics, “wear it big,” just as the girl pulls her loose, oversized shirt tight.
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I’m not sure about any TikTok challenge but the whole pajama shirt challenge was a thing a couple years ago, I just got the idea from that really