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Originally posted on: August 17, 2022 at 3:58 PM UTC
The Apocalypse Regiment
Hello everyone, and here is my new artwork - The Apocalypse Regiment.
I’m very excited to present my new tank design, or to say correctly, a Land-Battleship design. This giant beast is Object 377 Land-Battleship Fortress, a massive unit which only used by Commander Starlight Glimmer herself. And Commander Starlight Glimmer served under the Union of Equestria Socialists. She is the second in command of Marshal Twilight Sparkle. Starlight Glimmer is the most deadly general, she is well-known as “The Terror” to the enemy. She is fearless, extremely calm and deadly with her war strategy and tactic.
And her tank division, The Apocalypse Regiment is the most elite tank division in the Union of Equestria Socialists. All her tank units are built in massive sizes like a naval fleet, armed with deadly cannons and missiles, air-to-air to air-to-ground and from extreme range to close range, this regiment can complete any missions and tasks and leave nothing but wasteland and ashes behind. Starlight Glimmer is the one who came up with the land-battleship idea and create this tank regiment.
Hope you all like it XD

safe2197264 artist:questionmarkdragon230 starlight glimmer60646 pony1627718 unicorn549436 g42053198 awesome704 cannon1169 clothes644528 cool682 female1828580 hat126409 mare757844 military2577 peaked cap282 pointing5817 socialism108 stalin glimmer520 tank (vehicle)1699 underhoof70039 uniform17009 vehicle1399


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Laß mich sterben
This is so cool! I love the tank design! Yeah, it’s kinda impractical, but who cares! This is awesome!
It reminds me of the P.1000 Ratte or the KV-6