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The subtle art of flirting.

suggestive188477 artist:happy harvey956 scootaloo58387 sweetie belle56311 human240399 equestria girls253062 g42004840 angry36216 blouse1039 blushing268316 clothes624615 dialogue90909 female1778505 flirting2404 happy43814 implied facesitting153 long hair8042 looking up23562 open mouth232542 phone drawing1025 propositioning162 semi-transparent56 short hair3211 simple background584456 smiling388983 subtle as a train wreck318 tank top10703 transparent background280781 uvula3143 yelling4253


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Background Pony #57E7
Like I said, some people don’t have time or patience to play games about whether or not someone is just “playing hard to get” or if they’re just genuinely not interested.
“Yes” means yes and “no” means no. If a girl tells a guy “no”, the right thing for him to do is to stop right then and there.

Exodus's lost flock
In seriousness, i don’t get the notion of how playing hard to get is supposed to make a guy more interested.
Maybe to feel like it’s a reward or that you’re not ‘easy’?
Maybe it’s just me, but constantly being rejected by a woman would just make me lose interest because she’s sending clear signs she’s not interested. And yet those clear signs somehow are actually the opposite.
Background Pony #57E7
I dunno, Sweetie. There’s a certain appeal to a tomboy who’s blunt and straight-to-point about what she wants. Plus some people just don’t have time or patience to play games about whether someone else is or isn’t into them.