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“What lovely new slaves have been delivered to me.”
That was Schorl Tourmaline’s reaction as two mares with similar fur and mane color as her own appeared in her chamber. The crystal unicorn had been experimenting with some powerful magics and artifacts, seeing what she could do with some old scrolls and a magic mirror she had in her collection of rare Equestrian objects.
The mirror was a discarded relic of Starswirl the Bearded, capable of granting passage to another dimension. The scrolls, old incantations she had purchased from a connection with access to the Canterlot Royal Library. One opened a portal to the future, supposedly, while the other was adhered much more to the crystal mare’s interests. It was a ‘retrieval’ spell of sorts, allowing one to summon creatures from anywhere in Equestria, so long as they had something related to the pony on hand.
It was used by pony parents to get their foals to come home when needed, since a hair from the mother and father was all that was needed for that, but when the spell showed that it would often summon any random pony close enough to be related, Celestia banned it for being too reckless. Random worked for Schorl though, since she didn’t have any particular ponies in mind for her summon, just that one would appear.
So with the mirror activated, and the time portal opened, Schorl used a plucked hair from her own head as a focus, and cast the spell. She had partially expected it to fail, but when two unicorn mares appeared suddenly in the room, she was excited to see her efforts get results. While her new guests were still disoriented, Schorl used her levitation magic to slide two negation rings over their horns, and followed that up by forcing their arms into matching sets of shackles. Restrained to satisfaction, Schorl took her time disrobing the two mares, as they became aware enough to make complaints about their treatment.
“Ah, Ah, no need for that,” Schorl said, shoving gags into their mouths, strapping them tightly to the head of the two new additions to her collection, “You’ll have plenty of time to talk later, but for now I want to see what luck has brought to me.”
Schorl added a few more accessories to the two mares she had spirited away; a pair of tail bands and two custom collars she had prepared in case the spells worked at all, taking the time to make small observations of each mare. One of them, the one she assumed was from the mirror dimension, was a crystal unicorn like herself. She was pretty, with a modest chest size, and a tight ass that Schorl couldn’t help but push her fingers into in order to get more acquainted with it. Being a crystal pony, Schorl was a little curious if this mare had any connection to a Sombra from her dimension, if Sombra even existed in her dimension. She would have to pry that information from the mare later, hopefully in the form of a long, intimate torture sexual session that would last for days, if not weeks.
The other mare, while not being crystal, had an even more interesting feature to her, as while she was a unicorn, and one with nicely plump features, she also had atop her head a strangely unique horn, one with elaborate and ornate designs on it, unlike any unicorn Schorl had ever seen before. Since she assumed this mare was snatched from the time portal, the first assumption Schorl had was that something had happened that made unicorn horns evolve, unless this was something only this mare had. She debated with herself if she should pull the answers to that mystery from the future mare, but decided not to learn anything that might mess up the time line… any more than she already had.
Whatever their backgrounds were, Schorl did know one thing without any interrogation. Both of these mares were in some way related to her, which was the only reason they were the ones called. Perhaps one was an alternate version of herself, while the other was the distant descendant of her bloodline. Noting the cutie mark the plump one had, and how it was similar to her own, that likelihood of either was not impossible. The later possibility made Schorl wonder if that meant she would have kids one day, which got a chuckle out of her, as there were few males she would even consider worthy of impregnating her.
Throughout the inspection of both mares, Schorl took the opportunity to fondle the both of them liberally, pinching, nipping, and rubbing the softest and most sensitive parts of their bodies, sparking muffles yells from the both of them, and elated giggles from herself. The crystal mare was simply tickled pink, and this excitement reached its peak when both her displaced captives secreted clear liquids from their yet untouched slits in small streams. They were very receptive to the violation of their being, and would be delightful trainees for their new roles as Schorl’s sex slaves, whether they wished to be or not.
“I’m glad to see you’re both enjoying yourselves,” Schorl said, within her own little world where she knew that the wetness between their thighs was an admittance that they loved the humiliation and domination they were experiencing, “Because you’re both going to be able to enjoy my attention for a long… long time.”
With those words, Schorl shut off the magic mirror, and closed the time portal, cutting off any means for the mares to return to whence they came. They were now trapped with this crazy mare who kidnapped them, and would be subjected to her whims for what could be a lifetime.

A small, Non-canon image to the setting for fun, featuring Izzy and Radiant hope, two mares who I’ve felt held some similarities to my OC (mostly a color scheme). This isn’t saying that they do, and my OC is canonically Izzy’s great, great, great, grandmother or something, but just touching on a joking thought in my head about the possibility that these three characters could be related in some way or another. Hope you all enjoy the story and the image.

explicit478663 grimdark30900 artist:scylla's cove115 idw21249 izzy moonbow22219 radiant hope771 oc959635 oc:schorl tourmaline45 crystal pony5731 crystal unicorn272 unicorn549261 anthro365121 equestria trainers society86 g42052839 g578196 anal37463 anal fingering831 anal insertion12514 anthro oc37154 ass81416 ballgag9438 bdsm11087 bit gag1478 blushing278966 bondage47108 breasts397086 butt235727 collar48684 fingering6238 gag20206 insertion24349 mature532 nipple pinch1078 nipples246457 nudity520291 penetration90201 rape9178 sex174558 slave3919 story included13259 vaginal secretions54154 vulva194020


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